Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pure unadulterated Craziness!!!!

What a week this has been! For starters, lets see...

Got the results back from the doctor on the Biopsy. They found cancer cells, BUT the awesome doctor is pretty sure she got everything.  So, I am happy. No chemo, or anything else.  Fast forward a few days, and I come down with strep throat that turns into a nasty little chest cold. Lucky me. Hence why I have not been around to actually write in my blog. 

School is almost out here, and visions of sleep overs and fun dancing in their darling little heads.  Jonathan has turned into the perfect weekend dad- ie: Taking the kids to the fair, carnival, or whatever else he can to make me seem like that bad guy. But that is okay, because I know that in the end, at least they will be well rounded individuals.
Okay that's Bull shit. Let's face it, I hate being the mean parent, the one who always says "NO! You cannot build a sky scraper of scrapes and jump off of it!" or "I am not running you to the emergency room if you get hurt! Not this time!" Yeah.. of course I will, but they don't know that. I try to do little things to make life fun for them, but honestly, I feel like I am losing, terribly. But I am doing my best!

I have been working on my garden!  It has been driving me crazy, and yes- I am well aware that it is late in the planting season, but I DONT CARE! Going to do it anyway, and I am going to eat those veggies. so Nyah!  So I am actually going to add some pictures for you today, or try to anyway!  The first one is of the tilled dirt :) 

Behind the dirt you see those vines and bushes? Those are blackberry bushes that managed to find their way to my yard, lucky for me! I have many plans for those :) 
While I was doing all that lovely tilling, I had a nice little surprise jump out at me almost giving me a heart attack...  I actually managed to take a picture as well! 

I was absolutely shocked when I found out how fast my seedlings were sprouting. The second day was when the first shoots appeared. I am so excited! 

Fast forward to day 6... and wow!  I guess I need to start getting them in the ground very very soon huh!!!!
The big ones are pumpkin and Zuchinni!

So yes, I am quite proud of my newly acquired green thumb.. We shall see how well this goes throughout the season.  

Onto other news....

I love my family, I really do.  My cousin, his wife, and his new baby are coming to stay with me until they get up on their feet. This is going to be well, interesting.  Okay, maybe downright scary. They will apparently be here on Saturday, so I will be working on getting things planted in the garden, as well as trying to get this house cleaned. Putting Kathryn's bed and toys in the boys room, and trying to maintain a reasonable amount of composure.... ha. 

I am always on the lookout to make things easier for daily life.  Couponing is a must, but also...freezer meals?  Okay, I'll bite.  Found a great page from a fellow blogger who gives recipes and pretty detailed instructions on what to do!  I think I am going to try this! I will let you all know how it turns out, but to be honest, don't expect many pictures, my life is enough of a trainwreck as it is... But I will try. Check out her site Money Saving Mom, and hope you all enjoy! 
Until next time...

Hakuna Matata!

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