Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some days are just Blah!

There are some days I just want to be locked in a padded sound proof room, and start screaming. Get all this anger, pain, and frustration gone. Somewhere I could punch and kick walls and not worry about damage and property values... Hmm, I wonder if I can get Kyle to build me my own little sound proof room... They may just think I am crazy though which if you think about it, they may actually be right.  I need a break- from everything.

So, my ex husband may have a job, so that will be good.  Child support will be a little easier on him hopefully. Its not that I hate him, I really don't. But I do not want to be around him. He has proven time and time again that he cannot handle the kids. I guess that is one thing that I can rely on though.

So I have been stuck watching Sons of Anarchy for the last few hours thanks to my cousin. lucky me. I know I have to get up nice and early in the morning with the kids, so I guess that me watching my show Supernatural is out of the question. No big deal I guess. I am going to be going to bed soon though, just so I can get some sleep.  My mind has been running constantly with things I need to do, things I want to do, and things that are in my prospective mind that I have no intention of doing. I can only hope that soon something will come my way.

I read that putting newspaper in your garden will keep weeds from growing, so I did that and finished up my planting today.  That was a load of fun! I actually made a mud pie, I really miss being a kid. It would have been a load of fun if the kids had been here. I think I will make a mud pit for them. Does that sound hickish? Is hickish even a word? I don't care, it would be fun! There is always something fun to do... Just have to find it :)

As soon as we get some money we will be working on the house, the things that need repairing, the things that don't need to be repaired, but that I want fixed anyway just to say that I can do it. I am a control freak, what can I say? I have this incessant need to control anything and everything around me.. Problem is, so is my cousin. It's a lovingly shitty family trait. Having two control freaks in the same house is never a good idea,   Just as it is never a good idea to have two alpha males in the house...... although equating Cj and Kyle to dogs is pretty amusing... at least I think it is.  Anyway- I am going to find something to eat and then go to sleep. Have a good night ya'll!

Until next time!

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