Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dreams of Velcro, Potty Training, and Cooking

Ever thought about putting a ton of velcro on the wall, and the other part on your kids... and just stick them to the wall?  I believe I am at that point today. Alright, I will drop the act. I am at that point every single day. Some days it is not so bad, but then again, in retrospect it probably is just as bad but the following day makes me think not so much. Oh and don't forget the duct tape! I would give just about anything to be able to put all my kids on the wall... then duct tape their mouths! Can't talk, can't scream, can't fight, kick, or bite. YES!  Of course, I would do this if I wasn't so afraid of child protective services coming to take away my children... although they would probably just start paying me to take the kids back. Yes, they are that bad sometimes.

Take my youngest for example. He is 4 years old, has ADHD and has significant signs of Aspergers (Autism), He has a few developmental delays that impair his speech and bathroom functions. In other words he tends to shit his pants in the most messy way possible. Mind you he does this in secret so you don't realize it happened until it stinks so bad you need to have a perpetual gas mask glued to your face to see through the green haze following him around. It has become so tiresome to constantly drag out the wipes, and have him bend over to wipe around all those areas. Then the task of finding new clothes for him to wear, which you know is futile since they will be wet and or shitty again in a matter of hours.  He has been getting better going potty in the toilet, but number 2?  yeah, nope.  Please someone tell me I am not doomed to be wiping shitty ass for the rest of my life, that he grows out of this and my life will be so much more fulfilling!

Right this minute I am currently trying to cook a Spinach Quiche that my sister in law Jessica makes all the time. it is supposed to be simple and I know its yummy.  So, We shall see how well this turns out shall we? I have decided I will even take pictures as I go along!  Here is the recipe so you can follow along!

Jessica's Spinach Quiche

1 unbaked pie shell
3 T. margarine 
1/4 t. pepper 
2 eggs 
10 oz. frozen chopped spinach, thawed 
3/4 t. salt 
1 c. heavy cream 
1/2 c. sharp cheddar

Prick pie shell and back for 15 mins at 400 degrees.  In skillet, melt butter. Squeeze spinach to remove moisture. Mix spinach, salt, and pepper in skillet. Beat eggs with cream and stir into skillet. Pour into pie shell. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.

First we melt down the butter

Then we add the spinach, I didn't have frozen spinach, but I have plenty of fresh, so i am just going to let it cook down. I also added the salt and pepper.

Then we add the heavy cream and eggs!

Stir it around for a moment, then pour into the glass pie plate. Okay okay, by this time you have probably figured out that I don't have any pie crust. Your right, so sue me.  I was too lazy to run to the store today, so we are having Crust-less spinach quiche. Anyway!

I had a little fun with the spinach, making a design with it. I was bored.

And then we add the cheese and wallah! It is time to go into the oven! Wait a very long 30 minutes, and we come out with this!

Now, doesn't that look amazing?! I can promise it's going to taste even more amazing!!  Now, the question is what to cook for tomorrows dinner... I am leaning towards crab cakes... hmmm...

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