Saturday, May 19, 2012

Destructive tendencies?

Sorry I haven't been around. The past week has been completely insane- and the fact that I am completely fed up with life. I cant stand the way my life is going right now. Since asking for the divorce, things were going great for awhile. But now, now I feel like I am falling apart, like I can't keep my head above water.  Slowly drowning out my happiness and waiting to see how long it will take.  Good things that have happened this week are: Kathryn has passed Kindergarten, so onto first grade. Dylan has passed Pre-K, so onto Kindergarten.  Caleb will hopefully be going into Pre-K.

My Cousin Cj, his wife Jonelle, and their amazing little baby Corbin have moved in with us.  Hopefully this will help with the money issue once they find jobs. But honestly, so far it hasnt been any different. Kyle has to go in monday to fill out an application and we are fairly certain he has this job. So that will be a huge help, except for the fact that he will be gone during the week, and home on weekends (which I cant stand, but oh well, at least its a paycheck).

Just informed my ex mother in law that I am going for child support, and if Jonathan doesn't pay that the state would go after him, possibly throwing him in Jail, she didn't like that very much, but honestly, I can't do this anymore. Obviously this "wait and see what will fall in my lap approach" to jobs that Jonathan has been doing for the past 4 years is not working. Sometimes I wish he would just get his head out of his ass. But we will see what happens.

The garden is coming along nicely, so that is a huge plus. Hopefully soon we will have some veggies and such that will cut down on the food bill. *I hope* My green thumb isnt so green, brown maybe, but not green- Haha!

Well, Going to clean house in a bit, and work in the garden, try to get things done.  Jonathan has the kids, so it is nice to be able to get things done the way I want to.  Hopefully soon things will start going the way I want them too. Maybe things will start looking up, and I wont have to worry so much.  But stress seems to be a constant right now, and I just want to beat something up, or someone. Taking aggrivation out on my garden does not help so much.  I just want it all to turn out okay. I just want to be happy and almost stress free. Totally stress free is impossible, so I will settle for almost.

Until later, gardening advice, life advice, and any advice is always accepted, always duplicated, and always appreciated!

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