Saturday, December 1, 2012

I just cant get the hang...

of this blogging thing can I? I just don't have the time or the energy to do this every single day.  So we shall settle for whenever I think about it, deal?

With that being said!  I will start off with Thanksgiving!

The day before Thanksgiving I went to my SIL's house to fix the turkey and such. Her and her husband are still considered newlyweds, and Jessica had no experience cooking a Turkey, or a large meal for get togethers. So we had a lot of fun while I was picking the leftover feathers off the turkey. I think the greatest part of the night was when I pulled the neck and giblets out of the inside. She flipped out when I told her what it was. One of my best memories so far!

So, the pinterest menu was a complete hit with everyone, and made so much I ended up with plenty of leftovers. It was well worth it!

I made a great dish with the left over stuffing. My stuffing had plenty of sausage in it, as well as onions and celery. I mixed 8 eggs , 1 cup of cheese, and mixed it all together with the stuffing, then put some Parmesan on top, baked for 30 minutes and it was amazing! The kids had seconds and thirds, and everyone was very very happy!

Fast forward to this past week.

Things have been really tight around here money wise.  I have been stressing out about Christmas, and could not figure out how I would be able to afford anything for the kids. We don't even have a Christmas tree!  I figured I was going to do lots of Christmas related crafts with them to try and decorate our home as festively as possible for the little ones. Then, I get a phone call from the school. A local business wants to adopt a family for the holidays, and we were picked! I talked to them, showed them the Walmart wishlist that I have been working on all year, and then the gentleman I was talking to started to tell me about the Christmas tree they would be bringing.... Holy crap, We get a tree!  A live tree!  I have always had the fake ones, yet always wanted a live tree.  I love the smell, it just screams Christmas to me!  So I am very excited about this Christmas! I have completely gotten in the holiday spirit now, where as before I was just sort of blah about the whole thing!

The first visit from the "Christmas elves" was to bring us Elf on the Shelf! I am sure most of you have heard of the mysterious elf that shows up before Christmas, runs to Santa every night and lets him know if the little ones have been good or bad that day! Mind you he also likes to get himself into precarious positions, and lots of messes! The first morning we set him up the kids went running around the house to try and find him! They were so excited when they saw him hanging from the microwave cart! I woke to screams "We found him, we found him!" It was great to hear the kids laughing and trying to figure out what the little elf they named "Happy" was up to! I will be posting pictures of things our wonderful little elf has been getting himself into!

A few weeks ago my children's Nana ran over our little dachhound "Scrappy".  It tore my 5 year olds little heart up knowing that his best friend was gone.  We had a long talk about where he went after he died.  The problem was, he started acting out tremendously. I knew I had to do something. Things were getting pretty bad. He was biting and hitting, and nothing I was doing was working.  So I thought maybe, if we got a new pet, things would calm down a bit.  Craigslist to the rescue! We ended up getting a rat. A beautiful dumbo eared rat Kathryn named Whiskers.
Whiskers is a sweetheart! He is 10 weeks old and very very smart! He likes pretzels, but his favorite is carrots! He is very social, and loves to be held.  The most amazing thing happened.  The day after we got him all the kids went to school. Caleb comes home, runs into the dining room where Whiskers lives in his tank, pulls up a chair, and sits there, for HOURS.  My autistic, ADHD son sat for HOURS watching this little rat.  It amazed me! Such a huge difference from his temper tantrums after Scrappy died.  I am so glad that I made the right move on this. Things have been so much better since Whiskers came into our home and wiggled into our hearts!

Well, off to decorate the house in funky Christmas decorations!

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